Google AdWords Network and Its Structure

All of the places where you’re Ads can appear, including Google websites that collaborate with us, and different arrangements like mobile phone apps.

The Google Network is isolated into gatherings to give you more power over where you’d like your Ad to show up:

Types of Google Adwords Network
  • The Search Network: Google search result pages, other Google destinations like Maps and Shopping, and search sites that partner together with Google to demonstrate advertisements.
  • The Display Network: Google locales like YouTube, Blogger, and Gmail, in addition to thousand of partnering websites over the Internet.
  • Search Network with Display Select: Containing the broadest reach of all campaign types, the SNDS places content promotions on query item pages AND sites in the Google Display Network (GDN). SNDS uses the text ads in responsive banner ads and places them on websites. It’s not as lovely as making your very own picture advertisements, yet it is a snappy successful approach to get promotions out there.
  • Video (YouTube):  We can advertise video ads on YouTube. We have been available with so many Ad formats that have option of skipping the ad after 5 sec, 6 sec. It is used for commercial purpose Ads.
  • Shopping campaigns: They are used for ecommerce portals, or you wanted to buy something from your ecommerce store then you have to setup the Google Merchant Center.
  • Universal App Campaigns:  These campaigns are setup for mobile app campaigns.

As a matter of course, New Ad campaigns are set up to show advertisements over the whole system to give your advertisements the most visibility.

If you see that you’re not getting a decent rate of return from a area of the system, you can reject individual sites on the Display Network or change your promotion battle’s system settings to select in or out of each system.

Google AdWords Structure

Adwords Structure

Here we are discussing the basic structure of Google AdWords.

  • Campaign level:  This lays the foundation of any structure
  • Ad group level:  On Ad groups we build the house
  • Keywords Selection for Campaign: This is basically the decoration of interior
  • Ad copy:  This is the outer design of house
  • Ad Extensions: This helps in enhancing the outer of house just like swimming pool.

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