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100% Customizable payment paytm app clone that enables the instant lunch your payment solution. Get the complete source code and start your own recharge website with your own branding. We are headquartered in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, the heart of India and have footprints in Canda.

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Features Of Our Paytm Payment App Clone

  • Unique ID/OTP. A unique ID or OTP will be shared with users every time they try to login to the app, strengthening the app’s security.
  • Easy accessibility.
  • Auto backup & Restore.
  • Contactless payments.
  • Quick P2P fund transfers.
  • Rewards.
  • Auto refunds.
  • Generate invoice.

    Benefits of Paytm

    There are many advantages of using a Paytm Wallet. It not only makes online payments easier and faster but also safer. It gives an overall better experience to the user. What you need to know is that –

    • Paytm Wallet helps in cashless and digital payments. It is safer as you do not pay through the bank directly
    • Payments are quick and convenient for the users
    • You get various cashback, offers, scratch cards, rewards, and discounts on making payments
    • Get easy refunds from partner applications in case of cancellation or return of orders or any other issue at the partner stores if the payment has been made using Paytm
    • You can avail of the Paytm Postpaid facility if you have a good credit history with Paytm
    • Linking your Paytm account with your FASTag account makes it further easier for you to travel through toll plazas across the country. You can recharge the FASTag that you buy either from Paytm or any provider. If your FASTag is linked to your Paytm wallet, the amount directly gets deducted. You don’t have to go through the hustle of recharging your FASTag every now and then
    • Paytm Wallet is accepted at all QR Code payment gateways
    • Paytm allows you to have sub-wallets like food wallets, or that of fuel and gifts. You get exclusive offers, it is widely accepted and can have a seamless payment experience. It can also help to save tax and has several benefits for the employers and the employees
    • You can also set up the ‘Automatic Add Money’ feature, wherein you can fix the amount for automatic addition. Paytm will add that amount to your wallet from your bank account. It adds whenever the wallet balance goes below a certain amount that you decide
    • You can set payment reminders on Paytm wallet which keeps you from missing out on any bill payments
    • Through the ‘Spend Analytics’ feature, you can keep a track of your expenses as to where the money has been spent. This will also help you in planning your monthly budget and future expenses
    • Similar to a bank statement, you can also request a wallet statement for the previous 1 month up to the previous 1 year or any other customized time period
    • You can not only add money from bank to wallet but also send money back to the bank or transfer it into another bank account (minimal charges applied)
    • Paytm wallet offers you 24×7 Help access for resolving any issue that you might face. You can call or message on 0120-4456-456 for any query related to bank, wallet & payments. Alternatively, you can also go to your account by clicking on the profile picture on the top left side of the mobile application. Scroll down to ’24×7 Help’ and click on it
    • The password feature of the Paytm application makes it safer, as the money in your wallet remains safe even if the mobile is misplaced or lost


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