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Grocery App Development

Our grocery clone app, crafted for the latest industry standards, offers an on-demand grocery delivery script akin to Instacart. With order management and delivery apps, it caters to various businesses. Startups and entrepreneurs can personalize this software for unique benefits, leading with royal authority.

Develop Your Grocery App with Digital One Box

Our provide all your shoppers with the best grocery platform to deliver them at their doorstep. Our Uber for grocery delivery app is based on the concept of “App For Every Grocery Clone”.


  • Effortless Lists & Orders
  • Freshness at Your Fingertips
  • Flexible Delivery
  • Save Time & Money
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Grocery App Development

Complete Customizable And Branding

Fully customizable and supports complete branding.

Available For Android And

Available for download on Android and iOS platforms worldwide.

Free Bug Support In The Support Period

Free bug support included during the entire support period.

Accommodates Various User Activities Easily

Easily accommodates various user activities with seamless scalability.

Benefits of Our Grocery Delivery App

  • E-Wallet Integration
  • User-Friendly App
  • Schedule Feature
  • Online Payment
  • View Statistics
  • Order Tracking
  • In-App Chat
  • Order Tracking
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* Key Features

Features of
Grocery Store Development

Admin Management

The admin of the grocery delivery business can easily manage their business by watching each and every move of the users connected. Admin can take the edge of workloads by splitting with sub-admins.

Geo-Location Search

To have a quick search for the users, they can use the geo-location search option to find out their destination place. Integrated GEO-location features, the driver can track the delivery address using any of the available option.

Live Tracking

The users can simply track their orders from their app from the store to the specified location. Tracking is also available for the store owners to watch the driver moves for collecting essentials for delivery.

Multi-Payment Options

Payments can be commenced in the manner the user prefers from several available payment options. pay via credit card , debit card or in app wallets for grocery purchases.