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Ludo Game App Clone Development

Our Ludo King Clone follows a similar idea as the mainstream tabletop game Ludo. 2 to 4 individuals can play the game at a time, and each part will have four tokens which they should race from the beginning stage, i.e., from the shading house to the last point, i.e., the home of the game load up. The moving of dice chooses the quantity of steps the token can progress on the board.

Why Our Ludo Game App Clone is Your Perfect Match

Our Ludo game app clone offers a ready-made foundation to launch your dream app quickly. Packed with engaging features and customizable options, you can tailor the experience to your vision.


  • Augmented Reality Mode
  • Interactive Emojis
  • Game Boards & Avatars
  • Global Tournaments & Leagues
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Why Choose Our Ludo
Game app clone

Complete Customizable and branding

Android and iOS compatibility Access anywhere.

Available for Android and ios

Android and iOS compatibility Access anywhere.

Dedicated admin panel

Dedicated admin panel to manage all the features of the application

Bug support included free

Support period includes free bug support assistance.

Modes of Ludo Game

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* Key Features

Top New Features

User-Friendly Interface

The interface should be made in such a manner that the users don’t face any difficulty or hurdle while using the app. Developers must utilize the latest components and comply with different UI guidelines.

Cross Functionality

Ludo game supports cross-functionality. At present there are multiple OS in the market and developing code for every OS can be a very time-consuming and costly affair.

Offline Mode

This is yet another very important feature that must be integrated into the ludo mobile gaming app. Give access to your users to use your app in offline mode.


Ludo offers single and multiplayer options, allowing gamers to play with family and friends, cherishing and reliving childhood memories together.